Feeding your family like our own

Winds of Change

Everyone has a time of year when they are open to change, excited about it even. Some people pick the New Year to make their changes, others choose September when the kids head back to school and routines return to normal.  For me however, it is the spring.  I am always inspired to start fresh as I watch Mother Nature gently encourage the world around us to grow and flourish. As the very first crocus pushes through the snow or the first Robin hunts in my still frozen garden I am reminded that determination and simple hope can change the outcome of a day. Really the world around us chooses spring as well; no other season inspires such dramatic change.  Here at the farm spring means a lot of different things, different changes. From when the first warm breezes sweep across the fields carrying the smells and sounds of spring, fresh turned fields and the soft noises of new life in the barn. Spring assaults your senses and hopefully inspires you.

So this spring we are going to inspire you to change the way you feed your family. We are going to teach you that there are better, healthier ways to eat that don’t break the bank.  We are going to give you ideas and recipes that will get your family, young and old cooking and eating together.  We want to show you that selecting and preparing your food can be as enjoyable and enriching as eating it.  So join us weekly for a glimpse of life at Dingo Farms as we explain our products, share our thoughts and views and show you through traditional and outside the box recipes that food can be extraordinary.

Are you ready to be inspired to change?

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  1. Good article. I am experiencing some of these issues as well.

    January 13, 2013 at 12:34 am

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