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After 160 Years the Barn is Getting a Makeover

Over the summer we started replacing the concrete floor in our old barn where we house our “pigging” Sows (a term used to describe the period when a Sow births & raises her piglets). We made some interesting discoveries while tearing up the old floor……If you’re familiar with housing Pigs, you know they eat everything, including the bottom of the beautiful huge posts  holding up the barn! Our pigs widdled those posts down nicely, so now along with a new floor we have leveled the posts along with new steel bottoms (much more durable).

We also dicovered that 160 years ago the foundation was made by inserting huge boulders into holes in the ground which the wooden posts then rested on. It doesn’t get more stable than that. You can see in some pictures below the posts being jacked before they are leveled with steel bottoms & the cement floor torn up with new cement in it’s place.

Our new barn set-up will be much more functional for our “pigging” Sows this winter. You can see the “after” pictures once we’re done.

Hello world!

We are very happy to be branching out into this new world of technology, for us atleast! We love farming, caring for our animals and having our hands in the soil, this is where we shine! Seeing as how we spend very little time at the computer, this social networking stuff is all a new venture, but we wanted to find other ways to share what we are so passionate about, which is raising naturally slow grown animals free of anitbiotics and hormones to feed your family as we do our own.

We focus much of our efforts on sustainability and supporting community initiatives, such as buy local, (it ain’t local, if those reuseable bags aren’t!). We strive to be responsible land stewards and take every opportunity to educate and share our passion for raising healthy animals. We are able to ultimately respect them by finding ways to use the entire animal when they graciously hand themselves over. We are priviledged to be the 4’th generation of Harrisons growing good food and maintaining a way of life in Canadian Agriculture.

So hello to you all in the online world, Dingo the farmer has arrived! Oh and no we do not sell Dingos!

TVO’s Get Involved! Segment on Dingo Farms

     Our farm on TVO’s Get Involved!

via Dingo Farms | Watch | Get Involved!.

Dingo Farms in an Upcoming Episode of The Fresh Life!

   See us and many other great Holland Marsh producers on this season of The Fresh Life! Here’s a preview & we’ll be in an upcoming episode on Sun TV.

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via FL Season 2 Show 3 on Vimeo.